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How much does it cost to eliminate $1 of debt?

CDPC sat down with author and consumer advocate Mark Silverthorn discussing the cost for eliminating $1 of debt. He explains that it is 3X more expensive through credit counseling in comparison to a consumer proposal. Check out the video below:

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Consumer Beware of Unethical Debt Relief Services

CDPC sat down with Mark Silverthorn, a recognized expert in Canada on consumer debt, about debt relief services that take advantage of vulnerable consumers. Consumers should do their research before hiring a debt relief service. Check out the video below:

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5 Tips for Avoiding Debt Over the Holidays

As December approaches, many parents are anxious about how they are going to pay for holiday-related expenses without going into debt. It is important that you don’t let yourself get caught in the trap that you must spend a significant amount of money over the holidays.  This article identifies five key tips to avoid getting […]

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