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Why should anyone considering a consumer proposal hire CDPC?

It is not a trustee’s responsibility to obtain the optimal result for an individual in a consumer proposal. In fact, a trustee’s financial self-interest is diametrically opposed to that of a consumer. The more money that a consumer repays to his creditors under a consumer proposal the greater the fees earned by the trustee.

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When a Canadian hires CDPC to represent him or her when making a consumer proposal CDPC’s objective is to get the best possible result in accordance with federal insolvency law.
Since 2004, CDPC has represented more than 15,000 Canadians making a consumer proposal.

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One thought on “Why should anyone considering a consumer proposal hire CDPC?”
  1. Randy Gould July 25, 2017 on 1:04 pm Reply

    I would like to thank CDPC for the outstanding service in consolidating my bills and would to especially thank Kadejha Brown for making the process very pleasant and easy to deal with.She answer all my questions quickly and to the point . When dealing with Kadejha she made the process of going thru a rough and disturbing with my many problems at home .Again i have to thank every one for there prompt dealing with the creditors . Thank you Randy

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